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What Saints have told us about the Holy Eucharist

November 02, 2021 Brother Joseph
Super Saints Podcast
What Saints have told us about the Holy Eucharist
Show Notes

It is so exciting to be able to look through the pages of history, and see how the Lord has given us unbelievably powerful Lovers of the Eucharist in the brothers and sisters who have gone before us. St. Teresa of Avila, or as she is more accurately known, Teresa la Grande, was called “Loca de la Eucaristía”, which translates to “Crazy over the Eucharist”. St. Thérèse the Little Flower, called her First Holy Communion, “...that first sweet kiss of Jesus.” In our time, Mother Teresa of Calcutta attributes the growth in her vocations to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Three brilliant Teresa’s, three different periods in history, one bold attitude towards Jesus in the Eucharist.

The people we’re going to share with you in this chapter are all considered profound people in the church. We love and respect them for their holiness, their spirituality, their infused knowledge, their obedience, their faithfulness to Mother Church and their love for Our Lord and his Mother. They all speak of the Eucharist as if It were the very essence of their existence or as the Angel said to Elijah, “food for the journey”. Why then, do we doubt, ask questions, look for proof? Why can’t we accept the strength of Jesus in the Eucharist, if not because of His words, because of His Words in action by those who followed?

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