Super Saints Podcast

The Life of Saint Charles Borromeo

November 03, 2021 Brother Joseph
Super Saints Podcast
The Life of Saint Charles Borromeo
Show Notes

Saint Charles Borromeo

Hero of the Counter Reformation

God is so good.  He made a promise which He has always kept.  He has been a faithful God to a very unfaithful people.  We are our own worst enemies, but God always bails us out.  We're talking in this instance about the great heretical movement spawned by Martin Luther in the early Sixteenth Century, a pure flame from hell which grew and grew until it exploded into epidemic proportions. 

We thank you, Lord, for St. Charles Borromeo.  Especially in this day and time, when all around us seems so hopeless, thank You for giving us hope.  When there seems to be no help, thank You for giving us help through Your servant, St. Charles.  St. Charles, pray for us, and for your fellow Bishops and Cardinals.


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