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Miracle of the Eucharist of Langenwiese

November 05, 2021 Brother Joseph
Super Saints Podcast
Miracle of the Eucharist of Langenwiese
Show Notes

The Lord gives us a new Cast of Characters leading up to the Eucharistic Miracle which took place in Langenwiese, in an area called Silesia, somewhere between Poland and Czechoslovakia. Again, He uses people from other countries to do His work in an area otherwise completely foreign to the people involved.
Enter a young man called Giantedesco, John the German, or better known, especially by Californians as San Juan Capistrano, John of Capistran. He was called John the German because his father was of Germanic background, and although John was Italian, he looked like a German count. A brilliant man, he got a degree in law in Perugia, near Assisi, and became Governor of Perugia at the age of 26. His priorities were anything but religious, until he was taken prisoner during a local war between the Perugians and the Malatestas. His story inside prison is much like that of St. Francis, although it took place some 200 years later. He began to consider the values of his life, and upon being released from priso, decided to change his life, and embrace the Franciscans.

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