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The Birth Of Jesus

December 22, 2021 Brother Joseph
Super Saints Podcast
The Birth Of Jesus
Show Notes

Bethlehem is the city of David.  Joseph was from the lineage of David.  He came from Bethlehem.  He had many relatives there; but he hadn't visited them in some time.  Add to that, everyone else who was born in Bethlehem was returning to be counted in the census.  When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, it was even worse than he had suspected.  The town was jammed with people.  He tried the inns first; there was no room.  He tried his relatives; most didn't even remember him; and those who did, had no room.  It was impossible.  Desperate, he went back to the inns, again.  He was willing to pay whatever they wanted, even though he was not a rich man.  No amount of money would do it.  No one had a room for them.  Now, after the fact, we all would die to welcome Jesus, Mary and Joseph into our homes, offering them the finest room in our home.  But no one knew them, and they were not welcome anywhere.

Joseph found a cave on the outskirts of town, whose only other tenant was an ox.  Joseph led Mary inside.  He carefully arranged hay for her to lie down on.  She was exhausted from the journey, but she was calm and joyful; nothing ruffled her; she was anticipating what she knew was to come at any time.  Joseph felt the same way, but he manifested his exhilaration by taking charge, and doing things.  He asked Mary to try to sleep.  He went over to the opening of the cave to keep guard. 
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